Wednesday, 17 December 2014

La vraie France Vous Invite

Would you like to obtain a summer school French credit in the most incredible way possible? You can obtain either your grade 10 academic, or grade 11 or 12 university French credit, in Paris, France. The York Catholic District School board is offering this opportunity to any student that is a) working towards an OSSD, and b) has achieved at least a 65% in the prerequisite French course for the one you wish to take. The course runs from July 6 to 29, and includes tour groups, study tours, visits to Dieppe, and every other Paris-area attraction you could possibly imagine. You'll even be in France for the Bastille Day celebration on July 14th. There's an information session on Wednesday Feb 11th, 2015 at 7pm. The session is at the Catholic Education Centre, 320 Bloomington Rd W, Aurora, Ontario. The cost of the trip is $4790 CDN. Speak to Mr. Dick in guidance for application forms and guidelines if you're interested.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

2015-2016 Minister's Student Advisory Council

2015-2016 Minister's Student Advisory Council Applications are open for students in grades 7 - 12

The Minister's Student Advisory Council is a group of approximately sixty students from all parts of the publicly funded education system and regions of the province who share their ideas and provide advice to the minister on a variety of topics regarding Ontario's publicly-funded education system.  The application deadline is February 28, 2015.   For more information go to

St. Michaels University School Video Contest

St. Michaels University School in Victoria, BC, is putting on a video contest with a chance to win a full year boarding scholarship worth up to $50,000. 3 finalists will win an all expenses paid trip to Victoria with their parents to interview with SMUS Alumni (including NBA star Steve Nash).  All three finalists would have the opportunity to live on campus and study at St Michaels, one of the top boarding schools in Canada, with the winner getting a $50,000 scholarship, and the two finalists getting $10,000.

The contest is open to all students in grades 9-11 this year. Video submissions are due January 12, 2015, and you can see more information at

Contest guidelines: 
1. Upload a 2-3 minute video to a Youtube account:

- Tell us about yourself
- What would make the 2015-2016 school year the best ever?
- What do you like most about school?
- Why would you be a great addition to the SMUS student body?

2. Complete the online application at

3. Upload your two most recent report cards

Monday, 24 November 2014

Math and Science - Spring Contests Sign Up

I'm trying to streamline the contest sign up process. If you're interested in writing a math or science contest this spring, you can sign up for (and pay for) them all in one shot.

The form is available online here, or you can grab one on the enrichment board outside of guidance. Forms are due at the end of the first week of semester 2, but if you know what you want to write, we can get it out of the way early. Bring forms and payment down to Mr. Dick in guidance anytime before then. Refunds are available up until about a month before each contest, but this allows people to plan ahead so they know which contests they are writing, and when.

Whether you want to write one contest or all of them, this is a way to simplify the process for all of us. If you have any feedback on how I could make things better, please let me know; it's my first time doing all of this.


Thursday, 30 October 2014

CEMC Waterloo: Intermediate and Senior Math Contests

The University of Waterloo's first math contest of the year is the CEMC contest, and it's Thursday November 20th, 2014. It will run during periods 3 and 4. The cost of the contest is $10. Please bring your money to Mr. Dick in guidance to register. The registration deadline is November 6th at the latest.

Students in grades 9 and 10 can write the intermediate contest, and students in grades 11 and 12 can write the senior contest.

For more information, visit the CEMC website

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Carleton University Essay Contest

You could win $500 by writing an essay on the following question: "What are the advantages of combining the study of the humanities and the sciences?". This contest is open to all high school students. The essay must be no more than 1000 words in length, and must be uploaded to this link by Dec 5, 2014 at the latest. Carleton University's Bachelor of Humanities is Canada's premier program in the Great Books. Humanities students study the most influential books and ideas in literature, philosophy, history, art, music, political theory, and religion. To learn more about the program, visit

Friday, 10 October 2014

Me to We @St FX University in Nova Scotia

Me to We is partnering with St FX University in Nova Scotia to bring young people from across Canada together for a one-of-a-kind leadership training experience, and they are currently looking for students to apply. The program is a 4 day leadership training program, which offers students the chance to live on campus, participate in workshops hosted by StFX and Me to We, and create an action plan focused on their personal leadership development. Applicants must be between 15 and 17 years of age and currently enrolled in Grade 11 or Grade 12. Most importantly, they’re looking for young people who have a passion for leadership, who are actively involved in their local or global community, and who engaged critical thinkers. If selected, all expenses for the participant are covered, with the exception of travel to and from StFX. Applications are open now and close on October 17, so if any students might be interested, please feel free visit: this link or contact for more information. Application form is here.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Thinking of being an Engineer? Find out Engineering is for you!

The Oakville Chapter of the Professional Engineers of Ontario would like to invite high school students and engineers to a dinner event! Open to all high school students and engineers in Oakville and Milton, this event is all about connecting local youth to local Engineers.
High School Students - Do you think Engineering is for You? Come out to learn about engineering and to ask professional engineers about their experiences. Over the course of the evening you will be able to have conversations with working engineers about their work and educational experiences.

St. Volodymyr Cultural Centre, 1280 Dundas St W
November 4, 2014
 6:00pm - Registration & Networking - make sure to bring a business card to enter the door prize draw. Students be sure to include your name, school and email, these will be helpful to keep in touch with the engineers you meet.
6:30pm - Welcome and Presentation by Darla Campbell. Darla is an engineer, and owner of The School of Leadership. She will kick-off the event with some networking tips to set students up for success, talking with the engineers at their tables.
6:45pm - Buffet Dinner
7:30pm - Panel Presentation - hear stories from a few engineers, and ask any more questions.
8:15pm - Wrap-Up and Door Prize Draw
High School & University Students - $18
Engineers - $45 (which includes subsidizing the cost of a student to attend)
Teacher - $35
Donation - if you would like to support the event, but are unable to attend, please consider a donation to help subsidize students to attend. 

Saturday, 4 October 2014


Want to see something truly incredible? You can observe the Andromeda galaxy, one of our nearest neighbors (galaxy wise), with only your eyes.

Head outside and look to the east. The galaxy starts midway from the horizon and is directly overhead around midnight in October. You need to be in a relatively dark area (Oakville residents will likely need to be away from the light pollution of the city). The galaxy itself is quite large, but can be seen in pretty decent detail with a pair of binoculars. Check out the full instructions here:

Oh, and we have a partial solar eclipse coming up on the 23rd of October. Don't watch this directly, you'll ruin your eyes, but it can be viewed through $5 (+$4 shipping) reusable solar eclipse viewing glasses. Details here:

And as if there isn't enough to be excited about, you can see a ton of planets at night. This makes me wish I had a cottage, or that I could go camping this month...

Thursday, 2 October 2014

TEDx Youth@Toronto

If you're a fan of the popular TED talks on YouTube for Tech Education and Design, there's an event in Toronto this November. The event takes place all day at the Ontario Science Centre on Saturday November 15th. You can apply to be in the live audience here:, or you can watch the live stream the day of the event. This year's speakers are listed here:

If you're passionate about tech, education and design, this is a great opportunity.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Sun Life Open Math Contest

Abbey Park students will be writing the Sun Life Open math contest on November 6th, in periods 4 and 5. This is one of the most challenging math contests our students write, so if you are interested in a challenge, come out and give it a try! It's open to all grade 10-12 students.

The Sun Life contest costs $12.50 to write, so drop off cash or cheque (payable to Abbey Park) to Mr. Dick in guidance. The tests will be ordered in mid October, so come and sign up soon!

Math League will also be starting in October. This is a way to prepare for math contests, as at every meeting, a different contest can be written by all members. It's free of charge. The first meeting is October 14th after school, and you can check the calendar for future dates.

Sun Life:

Math League: Link

Friday, 19 September 2014

SHAD Valley 2014-2015

Another new school year has started, and with that, SHAD is rolling out its brochure and awareness campaign to allow the school's most exceptional students to compete for a place in SHAD's 2015 summer program.

Students who attend SHAD say how much the program changed them, from their confidence, to meeting and working with other exceptionally bright students, to being exposed to challenges in science & engineering, to working in groups, and experiences that they have not be exposed to before.

Why should you do this?
  • It cost nothing for the student to apply.
  • It is a great opportunity for students to get a first-hand look and feel as to what will be expected of them when applying to university, and they can dust off their SHAD application and use for university later.
  • Bursaries and scholarships are available. No student is ever turned away because they could not afford to go to the program. We know exceptionally bright students come from all socio-economic backgrounds and believe that there should be no barriers to ensuring students reach their full potential.
  • Students will get an opportunity to be with 50 exceptionally bright students from across Canada for a month, living in residence at one of our host university campuses. 
  • SHAD is not a "CAMP", it is an experience that the student will continue to benefit from, with their network for life.

Please visit the website for more information at If you have any questions, please email

Monday, 15 September 2014

University of Waterloo - "Unlimited" overnight, on-campus enrichment opportunity, gr 10-12

Grade 12 Program | “Road Map to Research” | Wednesday, November 12 - Friday, November 14, 2014
Application deadline: Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

Expect an immersive, pre-university experience including an introduction to the art and science of reading academic papers, an opportunity to explore cutting-edge research discoveries with professors, and the chance to engage with current student researchers.
Program fee: $300 includes meals
Supervised overnight shared hotel accommodation: $180

Grade 11 Program | “Design” Theme | Monday, March 16 - Friday, March 20, 2015. Dates may coincide with some school boards' March Break
Application deadline: Monday, December 15th , 2014

From engineering and the environment to science fiction and virtual reality, students will spend a week exploring the theme of design with a community of like-minded peers.
Program fee: $450 includes meals
Supervised overnight shared hotel accommodation: $300

Grade 10 Program | “Change” Theme | Sunday, May 10 - Thursday, May 14, 2015
Application deadline: Tuesday, March 10th , 2015

We live in the midst of change: technological change, social change, political change, environmental change. In modern times humankind has experienced an unprecedented rapidity of change. How do we adapt, or not adapt... and what are the consequences? Students will consider the perspectives of scientists, engineers, writers, and philosophers, as they examine the dynamics of “Change”.
Program fee: $450 includes meals
Supervised overnight shared residence accommodation: $160

Details on all programs, including an easily printable flyer to distribute to students, available here:

Thursday, 4 September 2014


This is a resource for gifted students and their parents to find out about opportunities for enrichment at Abbey Park! I'll post regular updates here, and the enrichment calendar will be kept up to date with contests and application dates for the common programs done by APHS students.