Saturday, 4 October 2014


Want to see something truly incredible? You can observe the Andromeda galaxy, one of our nearest neighbors (galaxy wise), with only your eyes.

Head outside and look to the east. The galaxy starts midway from the horizon and is directly overhead around midnight in October. You need to be in a relatively dark area (Oakville residents will likely need to be away from the light pollution of the city). The galaxy itself is quite large, but can be seen in pretty decent detail with a pair of binoculars. Check out the full instructions here:

Oh, and we have a partial solar eclipse coming up on the 23rd of October. Don't watch this directly, you'll ruin your eyes, but it can be viewed through $5 (+$4 shipping) reusable solar eclipse viewing glasses. Details here:

And as if there isn't enough to be excited about, you can see a ton of planets at night. This makes me wish I had a cottage, or that I could go camping this month...

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