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What Placements are available for Gifted Students in Halton's Secondary Schools?

All students who are identified as Gifted by the Halton District School Board's Identification, Placement and Review Committee (IPRC) have access to a range of placements according to their needs. Secondary Gifted Placement (SGP) is one of those placements for gifted students in Halton's secondary schools.

This placement provides gifted students at the secondary level with the opportunity to be in gifted 'clustered' classes, grouped together with their peers. The curriculum in these classes can be differentiated in breadth, depth and pace from the curriculum being offered in the other sections of the same course.

Students who demonstrate exceptional ability in specific subjects will be asked to join clustered classes if space is available, based on their grades and teacher recommendations. Please note: if students do not have a formal identification in the Halton Board, they are not guaranteed placement in cluster classes. There is no application process. It is based on teacher recommendation only.

If you have a child that was identified in another board (Catholic, Private, in another area), and you would like your child to attend the SGP at Abbey Park, please email me to get the process started. It will involve review of the psycho-educational assessment that identified them originally.

Any students who are not best served by being in these gifted cluster classes are free to pick and choose which courses they would like clustered, and which they would not.

Identified gifted students receive the same resources that any other student with an Individual Education Plan (IEP); they have a dedicated Special Education Resource Teacher monitoring their progress, and advising their teachers of any special needs or supports required.

Which courses are available as gifted clusters?
- Grade 9: Science, Math, English and Geography
- Grade 10: Science, Math, English and History
- Grade 11: Functions (Math), Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English
- Grade 12: AP courses function as enriched classes at the grade 12 level.

Is transportation available?
Transportation is available to identified gifted students living in Oakville, West of Trafalgar Rd, and outside of walking distance from Abbey Park. To check if your child is eligible for transportation, visit HaltonBus.ca.

What enrichment opportunities are available?
Both gifted and highly abled students at Abbey Park have the opportunity to participate in a variety of enrichment opportunities that may not be run at other schools, as they sometimes require a minimum number of participating students that may not be reached.

Students at APHS regularly participate in the following enrichment opportunities:
SOMA - The model UN assembly, held in the spring. Potential delegates are nominated by teachers; there is no application process. Students practice debate and public speaking as they discuss real world issues. More info at www.soma.on.ca
Contests - Math and Science contests are presented by U Waterloo or U of T (among other universities) every spring. U Waterloo factors these results in for scholarship decisions. As contests near, announcements for signups will be posted on this blog, and they will appear on the calendar.
Duke of Edinburgh - The Duke of Ed award is an international standard for well-rounded students. Participation in the community, experiences, sports, and charity are all balanced with academic performance. More info at: dukeofed.org
Shad Valley - Enrichment opportunities in science, engineering, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership innovation and mathematics. Includes lectures, labs and workshops. During the program, students will live in residence at one of 12 universities in Ontario during the month of July. 70 Shad Alumni won Millenium Scholarships, 21 Shad Alumni have been named as Rhodes Scholars since 1989. Scholarships available, and more details at: www.shad.ca
University of Waterloo Unlimited - An overnight enrichment opportunity offered on campus at the University of Waterloo. Students will explore a different theme, depending on which grade they are in. Available to grade 10-12 students every fall. More info at https://uwaterloo.ca/unlimited/

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